Part 2
Swarms of Frogs
Frog plague, known as "frogs" in English. According to the Bible, when Moses conveyed God's command to Pharaoh, God caused a large number of frogs to appear in Egypt.
After this miracle occurred, frogs invaded the houses, courtyards, beds, and food of the Egyptians. The frogs were everywhere, causing great distress and inconvenience to the people of Egypt.(Exodus 8:1-15)
This plague lasted for a period of time until Pharaoh sought help from Moses, asking him to intercede with God and remove the frogs. Moses prayed to God on behalf of Pharaoh, and God removed the frogs from Egypt in response to his prayer.
The purpose of this plague was to demonstrate God's power and control to Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Through this miracle, God displayed His ability and made it clear that only by obeying God's will could they be relieved from this affliction.