Part 1
Water Turned into Blood
The first plague, where the water turned into blood, is described in the Bible. It was a miraculous event orchestrated by God through Moses to demonstrate His power to the Pharaoh of Egypt.
According to the biblical account, Moses was instructed by God to stretch out his staff over the waters of Egypt, including the rivers, canals, ponds, and reservoirs. As Moses did so, the water turned into blood. The entire water supply of Egypt, except for the water in Goshen where the Israelites lived, was contaminated and became undrinkable.(Exodus 7:14-25)
This plague was a severe affliction upon Egypt as it affected their livelihood, hygiene, and daily activities that depended on water. It also targeted the Egyptian belief system, as the Nile River held great religious significance for them, being worshipped as a deity. By turning the water into blood, God showed His superiority over the false gods of Egypt and demonstrated His control over the natural elements.
The purpose of this miracle was to demonstrate God's power and authority to Pharaoh, compelling him to release the Israelites from slavery. It served as a warning and an invitation to recognize the sovereignty of the true God.