Part 3
Good Friday Symbols
Cross: The cross is the most prominent symbol of Good Friday. It represents Jesus Christ's sacrifice and serves as a symbol of redemption for humanity.
Nail marks: Some illustrations or artwork depicting Good Friday may highlight the nail marks on Jesus' hands and feet, reminding people of the pain and sacrifice endured.
Scourge marks: One of the symbols of Good Friday is the representation of scourge marks, symbolizing the suffering Jesus endured from being whipped and tortured.
Chalice: In some denominations and traditions, a chalice may be used as a symbol of Jesus' passion, as it is believed to be one of the utensils used during the Last Supper.
Purple: Purple is the traditional color associated with Good Friday, symbolizing sorrow, mourning, and royalty.
These symbols help Christians reflect upon and contemplate the pain and sacrifice Jesus endured for the salvation of mankind.